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How To Send an Introduction Email

Have you ever been terrified at the idea of sending an introduction email? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Today I am going to provide you with the basic structure of an introduction / reach out email. This could be before you’ve applied for an internship and are requesting a quick informational email, or after you’ve applied and want to introduce yourself further.

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As a good friend of mine recently said, “people love helping college students because they were us once.”

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So, today is the day we put our fears in the past and SEND THAT EMAIL!

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When it comes to your opening, keep it simple. Whether you choose to add a “Good Morning” , “Good Afternoon”, etc.. keep it short and sweet. Always use their name in a professional manner, and please (please!) double check all spellings before hitting that send button. The last thing someone wants to read is someone spelling their name wrong when seeking their help.


Here is where you can get creative. Typically, start off with a question about how they are doing, but then get to the point (kindly). Then, introduce yourself. “Hi, I am a college student studying journalism at The King’s college…” I suggest finding some articles they wrote or previous work you enjoy, and explain why you like it. Not being too over the top, but just enough to show you interacted with the material. You can then ask for a quick informational meeting to chat about their career. The key here is to not go into this wanting to promote yourself, but rather, to see what you can learn from them!


Thank them for taking the time to read your email, give them your contact info, and tell them you look forward to hearing from them. Give your well wishes appropriately, and press send! Also, make sure your signature is professional and reflects you well. This is a short email, everything needs to work well together to show you are a serious student looking to learn from them, not waste their time.

Now, remember, I am not an expert, but I am a college student just like you. We are all taking chances, and sometimes they won’t work out! If they don’t respond, life goes on. Try curating a list of people you’d love to chat with and keep reaching out! Someone is bound to respond, and it’ll be amazing when they do.

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Now, you got this! Let us know in the comments how it feels to send your first introduction email!

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Quick Example

example email

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