How to Brand Yourself on Social Media When Applying to Journalism Internships

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media When Applying to Journalism Internships

Since social media became a part of our everyday lives, we hear on a daily basis to “watch what we post.” Everyone sees everything. Everyone includes your family, friends, random people, and well, your future employers. Today, I want to offer you three tips on how to brand yourself on social media for applying to internships with my pieces of advice. 

Choose a great profile picture, and use it across platforms. 

Your profile picture is the first thing people notice. Whether it’s a nice headshot or something creative, it needs to catch people’s attention. I suggest keeping the same profile picture amongst all platforms to show cohesiveness, and to make sure your bios are all similar. You are your brand, so make sure you label yourself thoroughly. 

Engage with what you care about. 

Use hashtags, follow trends, and post about what matters to you. On instagram, post what articles you are reading. On twitter, retweet and comment on stuff you like, on LinkedIn, share a post. The opportunities are endless. But, when you engage in things you care about, people will find you easier and want to connect with you. 

Follow, Follow, and Follow. 

The more people you follow, the more likely someone is to follow you back. Fellow journalists, brand accounts, people you look up to, etc.. This is a new way of networking, and you never know who you may connect with!

I could go into aesthetics and such, but as someone who cannot create an aesthetic for the life of me, I can’t speak on it. But, be real and be creative! My last two pieces of advice would be to label yourself properly and to post appropriately. If you are trying to, or have to, use your profiles to get internships, it is best to show you are passionate through it. More and more applications are requiring you to link your socials — so make sure it’s something you want a future employer to see. Keep it appropriate and keep it fun! 


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