The Resume and Cover Letter Advice You Need to Land an Internship in NYC

Welcome to Journalism in NYC! When it comes to applying to a journalism internship in NYC, there is a three step process: researching, applying, and interviewing. There are ways to stand out as an applicant, but I wanted to go over the basics of a resume and cover letter. Plus: advice from the experts!

journalism in nyc


1. Do not list EVERYTHING you have done. Narrow it done to what will be best for the job you are applying to! Tip: keep a document of all your experiences and accomplishments, and you can specialize resumes for different jobs.
2. Keep it to one page. Trust me, it is very tempting to make your resume go on to two pages, and it’s not that YOU aren’t worth two pages, but more likely that the hiring manager doesn’t want to look at all of it. Keep it short and sweet!
3. Depending on who you are applying with, there can be different ways to specialize your resume. I used to have a resume and cover letter that coordinated with Pink outlines/highlights and a headshot. This stands out for some people. but I have also heard people say they want a plain resume. Websites like Glassdoor have a database of people who have interviewed with certain brands and can offer advice!

journalism in nyc

“It’s great that you’ve had a part-time job before but when I look to hire an intern, I want to see relevant experience and leadership experience. I want to understand your campus involvement and if you’ve stepped up to be a leader in your organizations. I want to know if you’ve had a previous internship. I want to see if you’ve had a part-time job but that shouldn’t be the first thing that I see. My eyes shouldn’t STOP at Shake Shack.”

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journalism in nyc

journalism in nyc

Cover Letter:

1. Do not repeat your resume. I repeat do NOT repeat your resume! They read / can read your experiences on your resume. Your cover letter is a supplement, not a summary.
2. Use this as an opportunity to use your unique advantage. Whether it be a religion, skill, a location, a thing you have done before. This is the time to catch their attention and help you stand out. If you are a christian from the south, that’s a unique perspective. Maybe you are from the West Coast. As much as we want to ignore our upbringing, it can sometimes be an advantage.
3. Remember to tell them what YOU can do for THEM. They don’t want to hear about how amazing you are. If they are going to hire you, they want to know what you can bring to the team. Hint: use keywords from the job description!

journalism in nyc

“A Cover Letter is more important than a resume.  It shows how much they know about the company, how much they WANT to be a part of your business.” @JMegonigal, Jordana Megonigal, Editor-In-Chief at ShowCase Publishing in Greenville, SC.

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journalism in nyc

Hope these tips help!

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